"Aztec Mirror" - Schwarzer Obsidian: Amulett

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Black Obsidian was considered the most sacred Stone by the ancient Aztecs, Mayas and Inkas, and is amongs the oldest Stones of mankind - ancient arrowheads have been dated 700.000 years! The sharp cutting edge of Obsidian blades (many times sharper than high-quality steel scalpels) is a powerful weapon and was used & traded in the Americas ever since.
Spiritually, the Aztecs, Mayas and Inkas have been using polished plates as Shields of Protection and Mirrors of Insight, revealing the hidden flaws & fears of a warrior, and thus growing his strength and self-control. It is often referred to as "Stone of Truth".
Obsidian provides for fast and strong protection, centering and grounding, also during journeys through the netherworld - which gave him the name "Wizard's Stone". It is excellent for seeing the cause of illness & suffering, helps to let go of the past and take action. Wearing the Stone has a calming, stabilizing and highly protective effect, clearing negativity from the physical, mental and astral bodies.

The perfectly polished Stone in this Necklace comes from the Mines near Teotihuacan, Mexico, the ancient city where "Gods came to Earth" and "Men become Gods" - the name given by the Aztecs who discovered the Pyramid complex of unknown origin. The Design is inspired from our visit in 2011, the Stone has been charged on the Pyramids of Sun & Moon during the Summer Solstice.
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