Triple-Spin Sterntetraeder (MerKaBa) - Gold

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The Tetrahedron ("4 Triangles") is the simplest of all 3-dimensional geometric forms, the 'seed' of geometry, the first shape in a succession of the divisions of the sphere. It represents the element of Fire ~ creation and creativity, sexuality, procreation and desire, transmutation and transformation, the master purifier. In any of its forms or compounded matrices (StarTetrahedron, Tantric Star, Hyper-tetrahedron) it is a gateway to our self, a centerpoint, creating a stable point of self-reference.

The StarTetrahedron consists of the receptive feminine Tetrahedron descending to Earth and opening to the sky, and the active masculine Tetrahedron 'standing' on the Earth and ascending to the sky.
It is known as the energetic shape of the MerKaBa Starship oder Light body Vehicle. The ancient egyptian roots of this word are Mer (Rotation, Movement), Ka (Light Body) and Ba (celestial soul). The activation of this vehicle occurs through a specific counter-rotation of the two interlocking Tetrahedrons. The electromagnetic field effects then produce an independent gravity field and reference point in spacetime, enabling the awakened individual to travel to any time, space, or energy level in the universe.

This Pendant helps us to center, balance and stabilize all our energy fields. It protects against unbalanced magnetic emanations, like microwaves from wireless technologies. With the circle around it, it also shields electric emanations. The Triple-Spin creates 2 additional axis of movements through which it triggers more resonance with the original blueprint and starship vehicle, activating its presence in our consciousness.
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