Ginkgo Elixier

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Ginkgo is beneficial for general improvement of well-being and vitality... specifically, it improves the blood circulation in the brain, strengthens memory, concentration & mental capacities ~ excellent for studying. Ginkgo extracts have played a crucial role in Chinese herbal medicine for many centuries. Only recently has western medicine began to seriously study the medicinal uses of ginkgo. It is amazing that this plant might not even exist today had it not been for the Buddhist monks in Japan and China who cultivated it in their temple gardens and adopted it as a sacred tree. Like all Plants with the chinese "Chi /Gin" - "Lifeforce" syllable (Ginkgo, Ginseng, Ginger), it is said to generally increase the body's LifeForce, therefore supporting a long and healthy life.  One of the oldest trees of planet Earth (a "living fossil" - prehistoric), it became known as the only tree that survived the blast of Hiroshima (1.1-2.1 km from the hypocenter), where 6 of them survived, flowered and blossomed again without any major deformations - and are still alive today ! Usually a few drops are sufficient: under the tongue, on the forehead / temples or on wounds ... may  be repeated 1 to 3 times a day, more often if needed.

30 ml (equivalent to 750 drops) - contains ca. 18% Bio-Alcohol

This is a natural wholistic product, not a pharmaceutical medicine. Not meant to replace professional diagnosis or medical care.
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