5D Hypercube, Gold ~ Manifestation + Communication

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The toroidal Hypercube is representative of the hyperspatial geometry of time and space, the zero point through which light, as information, passes unlimited by time and space. It evokes our awareness of the event horizon between the 'infinite in' and 'infinite out', the permanently fluctuating information flow of cause-effect-feedback between all levels of existence.

The Hypercube can be understood as a 3-dimensional "shadow" of a 5-dimensional Cube, such as a 3D structure creates a 2D-shadow.

This form assists fluent communication between people and through other dimensions of consciousness. Recommended for public speakers, musicians + singers, teachers and channelers. For more confidence, linguistic skills, inner trust and courage to express yourself.

Pendant Ø 25-30 mm, 925 Sterling Silver, Gold-plated
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