Flower of Life - Creation Mandala - etheric, Silver

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Silver plated
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These Flowers of Life are characterized by the very finely lasered structure, and thus absolute precision.
The perfect geometry is clearly noticeable as three-dimensional field - with refined senses - , and is described as a very harmonizing, stabilizing and protecting. About the flower of life many articles and books have been written, please research yourself.
This Creation Mandala contains the Vesica Piscis, Phi / golden mean ratios, all fundamental geometries, platonic solids (in 3D) and the Tree of Life. It is the Womb from which everything came into existence.
It is important to note that the lasered structure, "created with light", is absolutely perfect and precise, and thus highest resonance is achieved with the physical background vibrations of existence, and thus - like nature herself - maximum charge compression through fractal harmony in golden ratio is produced. In other words: high precision creates a strong energy field.
Therefore, these lasered Flowers of Life are energetically superior to all molded and pressed ones (e.g: from India).
Communion with this Mandala re-awakens the cognisance of our original Human blueprint, reconnects us to Source, the heart of creation, alleviates fear, balances our energetic bodies and calms overstimulation / stress.
The high, pure vibration of gold is known in alchemy and in Ayurveda as solar power of strength, harmonization, and manifestation; the feminine vibration of silver is reflective, flowing, and astrally protecting.

Flower of Life Pendant Ø 15/25/35 mm, solid stainless steel, silver plated
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