Solar Spirit Star with Spin

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Solar Spirit Star

Joy, Sovereignty, Empowerment, Rejuvenation

The heart of the Solar Star is the Solar Sphere, or dodecahedron; one of the 5 ‘perfect’ platonic forms that represents the 'spirit’ element of Ether. The Solar Star is formed through a latticework of 12 interwoven pentagrams, never ending, never beginning pentangles, resolving, through its configuration of endlessness, all inner sense of separation, returning us to pure joy.

The Pentagram is one of the most important magical symbols that represents the 5th element, man, empowerment, sovereignty, protection and perfect harmony, and it is the most perfect representation of the Golden Section in all aspects.

The Solar Star assists the assimilation of prana, activating the immortal fractal of the light body known as the Tree of Life. It reconnects the Ether circuits at the solar plexus, heart and pubic bone, restoring sovereignty.

The circle strengthens the protection of your own energy field, also widely used in shamanic and magical traditions. The Spin adds activation through movement to the principle of resonance through form.


A magical treasure of incredibly precise handcraft.

Solar Star with Spin, Pendant all Silver (gold-plated), Side Length Star: 17mm, Circle: 22mm

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