Strong Nerves - Elixir

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~ From carefully selected, bio-organically grown herbs ~

This elixir contains the essence of carefully selected herbs that are known since ancient times to support the nervous system and strengthen the nerves, to aid concentration, clear the mind and strengthen memory. Thus it is very useful also for studying, exams, or situations of high pressure that demand the full capacity of a clear brilliant mind. It may as well be used to calm the mind before entering meditation.
With a lifetime
experience in Herbs & Elixirs, this unique herbal elixir was prepared and tuned so that it can be used without problems in the long term, even by pregnant women, nursing mothers and children. A a few drops are sufficient: under the tongue, on the forehead or temples ... may  be repeated 1 to 3 times a day, or applicated in moments of necessity - but long-term usage provides better results.

30 ml (equivalent to 750 drops) - contains ca. 18% Bio-Alcohol
This is a natural wholistic product, not a pharmaceutical medicine. Not meant to replace professional diagnosis or medical care.
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