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This magical Pendant is a combined golden mean fractal of 3 fundamental geometric shapes:

>> The Square, resonating at 360 Hz, an F#
>> The Hexagon, resonating at 720 Hz, a higher Octave of F#
>> The Oktagon, resonating at 1080 Hz, a high C#

in Pythagorean Tuning, based on the Factor 9 grid of harmonic frequencies, where 432 Hz (the original 'a') plays a key role, the frequency which resonates within this StarGate, at golden mean proportions.

If you are enchanted like so many of our fellow souls, you might just want to see & feel ,')
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★ª"˜¨¨★ª"˜¨¨¯¯ ¨˜ª¤.¸`*•¸*•★☆☆

Elemental properties (available materials):

★ the feminine vibration of
SILVER is reflective, flowing, anti-viral and provides astral shielding.
★the high, pure vibration of
GOLD is known in alchemy and in Ayurveda as solar power of strength, harmonization, and manifestation.
ROSE GOLD clearly is a more feminine variety of Gold, which also is more grounded into the body through the copper content.

Structural Integrity:

It is important to note that the lasered structure,
"created with light", is absolutely perfect and precise, therefore highest resonance with the source geometry that constitutes all existence is achieved. Through this resonant structure - like nature herself - maximum charge compression through fractal harmony in golden ratio is produced. In other words: high precision creates a superior energy field through maximum coherence and resonant energy induction.

The visual impression & the perceived field are incredibly divine !
Pendant 22mm in diameter, many ways to connect: string or Silver chain available on demand


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