SilverKnight **Magic** (Shielding>99.9%)

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Loop + Ring
Format inside:
M 110*55 (Mini-Phone)
L 130*67 mm (Standard) ( + 3.42 USD )
XL 130*77 (Smartphones) ( + 6.84 USD )
BXL 145*81 (Smartphone) ( + 9.12 USD )
XXL 170*95 (Mini-Tablet) ( + 13.68 USD )
Free Choice ! individual size ( + 13.68 USD )
from 23.94 USD
VAT exempt acc. to current tax regulations. excl. Shipping costs

The SilverKnight-Shield phone-cover contains a patented silver fabric with superior shielding properties: it shields 99.9% of the pulsed microwave radiation.
During a phonecall, the phone stays in the OUTER pocket, with speaker /microphone towards the shielded side between head and cellphone. The fabric is acoustically transparent, normal communication can take place, but the highly sensitive areas of the central nervous system (brain) are protected from the digitally pulsed microwave radiation. Outwardly the phone sends & receives as usual.
For normal standby mode (a cell phone constantly sends short signals to cellphone towers), the phone stays in the OUTER pocket. Then the (double-) shielded side is directed to the body. In the pocket, reproduction and internal organs are protected, as well as all other surrounding cells and their DNA.
n the fully shielded INNER pocket of the SilverKnight, a mobile phone is usually not accessible, it "disappears" within seconds from the cellular network*².
This feature is especially valuable for (private / business) meetings, car trips, theater etc. Switching the power off, re-entering the PIN, etc. is not necessary. Calling the phone fails. This simple test demonstrates the  effectiveness of the SilverKnight-Shield.

In heavily irradiated urban areas /small distances from transmission towers, the radiation density is often a thousand times too high. Sometimes a minimal signal can pass through the shield (0.01-0.1%), and a ringing can be triggered.
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