BEST of Greens, reine BIO-Säfte, Rohkostqualität

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A superfood blend of all the BEST Superfoods from land and sea !

Organic Best of GreensTM is a synergistic blend of all the best green superfoods from both land and sea. Each ingredient contains valuable phyto-nutrients and was selected for its purity and potency. We recommend including Organic Best of GreensTM and Best of FruitsTM in your daily health regimen for comprehensive nutritional support. This Superfood blend was created to give your cells optimum nourishment every day, with countless vitamins, phytonutrients, antioxidants, minerals and chlorophyll, to balance, energize, detox and rejuvenate your body on a daily basis. Great for a fresh start into the day, a clear mind, and for a deep, regenerative sleep ! Fantastic to upgrade your Smoothies !

Contains no additives whatsoever, ONLY Pure Ingredients:  ALL * Certified Organic !
* Kamut Wheatgrass Juice
* Alfalfa Powder
* Barley Grass Juice
* Oat Grass Juice
* Spirulina
* Cracked Cell Chlorella
* Broccoli Sprouts
* Cabbage Sprouts
* Kale, * Parsley, * Dandelion Greens
* Kelp & Dulse

Recommended Dose: 2.5gr twice daily with Water or Juice. Or ask us for amazingly tasty, superhealthy Praliné recipees !
300g last for two months, a powerful Synergy of Greens at only 80 Cents per day !!

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