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Über EarthLight ~ Crystal Healing Art for Evolution

We started working with natural Crystals back in 2007.
Very soon after we were inspired to make Jewelry, to bring those ancient beings - their wisdom and high vibrations - closer to people.
And what can be better than actually wearing the Stones or Crystals on your body ?
In this way, the Healing vibrations are constantly transmitted to the owner, and the inherent wisdom doesn't get dusty on the shelves...
Many years have passed, full of rich experiences, inspired meetings with the Family, and many Journeys to sacred sites around the Planet...
We have brought the finest Gemstones and many rare, powerful Crystals from around the world, and continue "hunting StoneFreaks" in Mines and on Exhibitions.
Many friends and partners from Crystal Mines on Earth guarantee us a constant supply of high quality, natural Crystals, rare Specials and beautiful Gemstones.

Today, we travel across Europe, and share our Treasures with the World on beautiful Festivals, Mineral Fairs and various spiritual events. All Jewelry presented here is handmade by one of our members. Enjoy discovering, and if you find the right item for you or your beloved, be assured of best Quality, high Vibration and total satisfaction! ,')

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